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Are Brazilian Thongs Too Small

@ 12:36 PM (61 months, 22 days ago)


I don't THINK so


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  1. Look ma! Moose knuckles. Ernie. You be a dirty dirty man. :mrgreen:riff

    Comment by riffran— 2009/03/28 @ 12:49 PM — (Reply)

  2. Seriously Els, you need to concentrate on golf dude.

    Comment by Ed— 2009/03/28 @ 12:51 PM — (Reply)

  3. I did the blond. She makes funny noises.

    Comment by Burns— 2009/03/30 @ 02:10 AM — (Reply)

  4. did you move the thong out of the way first?:mrgreen:. Rofl. Riff

    Comment by riffran— 2009/03/30 @ 09:51 AM — (Reply)

  5. A smartass would ask if he needed the room.

    Comment by Ed— 2009/03/30 @ 06:42 PM — (Reply)

  6. it would explain the funny noises...rofl:lol::lol:riff

    Comment by riffran— 2009/03/30 @ 09:23 PM — (Reply)

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    Comment by quickquid— 2013/11/27 @ 10:17 PM — (Reply)

  8. Like the blonde laughing? :)


    Comment by Barry G.— 2009/03/30 @ 09:46 PM — (Reply)

  9. NO

    Comment by mos— 2009/03/30 @ 11:26 PM — (Reply)

  10. :mrgreen:I don't think so too.what are you say?idateasian

    Comment by reviews— 2012/08/23 @ 05:58 AM — (Reply)

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  13. Pure speculation, but my theory with the Little Planet thingie is that it’s a combination of the Bad Future of the planet, as well as the Doctor’s own Death Egg. Perhaps, even, the game might explain that the two are in fact one and the same.
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